Ether.Network.Photon is an Implementation of the Photon Engine using Ether.Network Engine.

A collection of useful Console Features.

Neo C#

Neo is supposed to be an extension library to MonoGame providing several architectures like a custom Entity Component System and later support for Tiled Map Editor and much more.

SlightNet.Photon is an implementation of the Photon Network Protocol based on the SlightNet Networking Library

A collection of libraries developed and commonly used by myself.

Rhisis C#

Rhisis is an experimental FlyFF emulator built with C#

A small PlatformerGame being developed using MonoGame and my MonoGame.Additions library.

Nez C#

Nez is a free 2D focused framework that works with MonoGame and FNA

One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games.

A collection of libraries which makes game development with MonoGame much easier.

Open Source Flight Controller Firmware

Download repository for Matchpoint Viewer

Simple and fast C# networking library. Compatible with .NET Standard 1.3 and 2.0

C# scripting platform

HSV Color Range Maker (Mask Creator)

Cross platform configuration tool for the cleanflight firmware PHP

A small, simple and efficient CMS built for programmers